Apr 19, 2011

First round of Mark 7

So took my first pass at real vertex (in particular displacement) modelling. Fixed up the shoulder blade area to satisfaction. An unforeseen side effect of displacement has been a substantially increase in memory usage with the model. Which I get while I'm displacing, but this effect continues once I reintegrate the changes into the Vertex mesh. The way I understand it once I use the memory to go through with reintegration (man does it slow down the computer) this should make the changes permanent, and the computer shouldn't have to track them beyond the mesh (which isn't too memory costly in proportion to displacement). In good news I have some money from my B-Day and a 1 year inspection coming up for my computer. I'm going to double my RAM to try and combat my recent memory issues with this and environments. I also played with the skeleton rigging to see how far I can push it. This is NOT the shoulder improved model. Anyways the battle goes on.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up Craig.

It's a bit hard to tell because of the image size but it's looking better in the shoulder area. Those organic shapes seem to be flowing!

Weird that it uses more memory after you've 'set' the mesh.
Is it possible the displacement modeling ads more density to the mesh?

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

it's looking more natural!

traumador said...

Matt- Thanks. I'm quite happy with how the shoulders have turned out. Even just in the melding of the two shaders, you can't barely tell their seperate parts.

I have no clue what's going on with my memory woes though.

The kicker is the manual tells you to meld displacements back into the mesh everytime you finish with something you like, as it is easy to delete displacement work (but it deletes it ALL. So by reintegrating your desired work it is made safe).

I'm trying to figure out of it is the density or the polygon count. However with the shoulders its not like I actually did a whole lot to the model. I'd expect wrinkles to cause more problems.

Might contact DAZ tech support for their thoughts. Wondering if I've hit yet another new glitch in Carrara 8!?! I've been fighting this new version for a year now. It has been so annoying.

Dinorider- Thanks man.

I should be recieving Primeval Season 4 from the UK any day. Almost excited (more to see Dr. Bahsir from Deep Space Nine fight Dinosaurs).