Apr 3, 2011

Palaeo-Environment Project Part 2

So got some more work done on my palaeo-environment. The latest conquest has been logs and sandbars. I think I've nails these suckers to a tee!

I'm thinking my forests trees need to be bigger however. Also time for leaves on the ground.


davidmaas said...

I strongly recommend that you step out of the 3d loop to do occasional paintovers. Just scribble over the rendered image to test composition, push the colors, etc.

It's looking good, but should be composed to suit eventual critters that you want to place in, ie with a bit of quiet space behind them or droops in the horizon line.

davidmaas said...

Concrete feedback this time:

It looks oddly like you are emulating the classic day-for-night technique - filming in broad daylight, then flattening out the colors to get a moonlit night feel. If this should be daylight, the shadows shouldn't black out like that, the saturation / tonal ranges should be higher.
Also - judging the position of the sun from the shadows, there should be a much more noticeable gradient in the segment of the sky we see, with more volume in the clouds.

Unless you're mimicking the day-for-night - in which case: fantastic achievement!

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

David- I do plan to move in closer into this environment to place my critter. Once I'm at that stage I'll be arranging more specific elements and such for a better composition.

At moment I'm just creating the world as a whole if you follow. I've decided the days of trying to cut and paste my critters into photos should come to an end. I can't control the composition of the photo once it's taken (and it can be hard to tell how a photo will work when taking it in the field), and more important I'm at the mercy of the captured lighting and colouration.

So that perfectly segways into your point about lighting. A very appreciated bit of feedback by the way!

I hadn't thought about the exact effect of lighting I have right now. Though this day-to-night thing was NOT the aim :P

Lighting is on the very LONG list of things I need to sit down and really work on.

I had meant to fix the shadows and lower their saturation.


In other exciting news I'm popping up to the Tyrrell next weekend to get some direct feedback and questions answered on my particular prehistoric environement!

davidmaas said...

Cool. Look forward to the updates!