Apr 11, 2011

What I do with my weekends

So I took a "me day" here this Friday-Saturday to get away from it all. It has been an intense week of events (some good, many bad), and I just needed to escape it all. ` Now what I consider a relaxing day is probably bizarre and weird to many out there. I went on a trip to the Royal Tyrrell Museum to go and do research on the many things I have been reading about lately. This was neither relaxing nor calming really, but one can not do either of those things if they want to be productive in the brief window of 7 hours I had to engage in this task (especially when trying to catch up on 75 million years worth of information :P). I am extremely grateful to all the scientists and staff at the museum who not only tolerated my visit, but indulged me for a good chunk of their day in some cases. ` The huge bit of news is that I was able to pitch my art, and a few of the curators were willing to have me try and come up with some illustrations for some of their upcoming projects. While this is just way too cool, this was all tentative interest on their part. I can't really blame them either. ` Taking the curators through what amounts to my portfolio, it became embarrassingly clear I have not sat down in the past couple years (2010-2011) to produce any definitive pieces showcasing my current 3D abilities! I have many great pieces of my best as of 2 years ago, but I've come a long way since even then! ` Fortunately I have be cataloguing my progress on modern projects, which shows I can quickly adapt and improve anything that they might wish me to fix. So I need to sit down and really focus on my art and cranking out some top notch pieces in the next few months. So I figure the upcoming Hadrosaur gallery for ART Evolved would be a good place to start my current efforts. So expect something special from me with this Corythosaurus at the end of the month! Sadly with this new initiative there has to be some restructuring of my creative efforts. So I'm making Traumador's effective hiatus officially, and warning Traum fans it could be a while before I return to his adventures. Though this is less than ideal (trust me, I feel very sad at having to make this move), it has been a little while in coming. It feels like I've hit a brick wall on making it any further with Traum (in terms of readership that alone anything else). I am not saying this is the end of him. Just acknowledging it could be while until I can get back to his storyline. Now on with 2011, the year I will make my palaeo-art go legit!

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Albertonykus said...

Good luck with all that! I will continue to follow your progress with interest.