Feb 28, 2008

Developing a New Fear?

Okay... I'm officially creeped out.

I am no longer safe. When I walk down the street I am being stalked. When I go into the park I am being hunted. When I goto work I am ambushed...
By terrorists or Velociraptors you wonder...
No... by CLOWNS!
The first phobia building event was my being hauled up on stage and being made to kiss a French Clown a month ago. Now whilst at placement a damn clown has shown up to out stage us teachers...

It wasn't just any clown either, but one truly worthy of hatred and contempt. Mr. Mac himself Ronald McDonald... (here pictured with a corporate logo whom I should probably hate too, but can't help but love).

The really sad part Ronald was both entertaining, and a better teacher than any of us with the kids. They were captivated by him. Proving my theory that there just possibly could be a place for me, my costumes, and puppets in the skool system.

What was truly frightening wasn't the fact he was a clown, but rather that I envied the man who had that job... That's right for some parts of the show I sat there thinking "that could be me, I want that job". I've showered 10 times since getting home, but the filth that tingles on my skin due to such thoughts won't come off!!!

So in a funny way I'm very scared of clowns at moment. Not of them being them, but rather of me becoming one of them!

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Michael Hoskin said...

Well, you know what they say about coulrophobes...