May 10, 2007

Having a Ball...

This past weekend saw the big social event of Salmond come and go. The annual ball was well, a ball!

The night was a simple enough ordeal. Dress up real nice, enjoy a very elegant meal at the hall, and then get driven out to the only castle in New Zealand and enjoy a dance. This years theme was casino royale meaning we had some pretty high roller looking dudes and dudets about.

For myself I wore my some of my teacher threads, a tie, and just to shake things up a sports jacket from the 70's (was supposed to be 20-30s look, but hey past is past I say). Now the jacket was a miserable worn down thing, but the only alright looking one I could find for less then $10. The shame I have a brilliant one me and Bond found in Drum for $3 in 04 that would have done the trick and not looked shabby.

Fortunately the addition of the tie and more to the point my shades gave the outfit a real hit man look. So I fit the theme. Just not quite in the same approach one would expect. With a room full of Bond look alikes (that is James not the aforementioned Peter variety of Bond) though I was pretty much dead meat by the end of the night had this been a movie. Phew one time that life not being what I imagine it being like is a good thing!

The tie was the only other funny story. Me and Andy spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure out how to do the damn things properly. Needless to say we eventually tracked down someone who could assist us.

The terrible three who ran amok the whole night. (Owain and Andy for the record)

Beware of pretty faces that you find. (Andy and Charm)

Before the quality of my jacket was apparent me and Andy had been planning on classing it up a notch or two. We found these monocles rather cheap at a costume shop. Sadly they were impossible to actually keep up on your eye.

On the bus to the castle. You'll notice the rather sinister figure in the left hand corner. That's my neighbor at the hall Clare. I always joke with her that she is "Lady Death" due to her evil cackle. This picture seems to support what I thought was just a joke...

Anyways I'm a meat head and didn't take a lot of pictures that night. Though I had my camera I had a bit too much fun dancing and milling about to waste time standing around taking pictures.

In summary the ball was awesome. Definitely the best Salmond run event thus far. Hopefully more of its caliber are in the works.

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