May 4, 2007

Back to Skool...

Back into the full swing of things now for 2 weeks. Not too much to report.

We've been in lectures at college since the break, and as of such nothing very interesting to relay other then topical material related to these classes (which would probably be a bore, or take me a long time to type up... I just don't have that kinda time).
We're back on placement in kids classrooms next week. I'm in a year 7-8 class that my fellow Canadians were in last placement set. I hear nothing but good things. So here's hoping for a good tour.
Besides that I've come down with a fairly full on chest cold earlier this week, and missed yesterday's lectures as a result. I'm feeling a little bit better today, but may pick up the prescription I got yesterday from the doctor, and snuff off this bug for sure.

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