Apr 3, 2013

Myledaphus the Guitarfish

It has been an interesting week off so far. I got a lot done on my Enterprise commission in the early week then I've had a ton of interruptions. The Enterprise is at a stage where I need to have solid blocks of time to make progress on it.

A lack of solid uninterrupted time, combined with some recent reservations and discussions I've been having about All Yesterdays has me a little more inclined towards palaeo-art again.

Today I found myself with just under an hour, and a running computer. So I thought I'd try my hand at making a Myledaphus (a prehistoric ray that was incredibly common in Alberta). 

I was thinking it'd be one of those hours wasted on R&D, with me only learning how NOT to make a 3D ray. Turns out I nailed it within 30 minutes...

He obviously needs textures. I also made the nose too pointy. So need to blunt it a bit before proceeding. However overall I'm quite pleased with it overall considering how not hard it turned out to be.

Why do I need a Myledaphus?

Well here is a preview of a world first (or so I'm hoping).

Work in progress
My little guitarfish will be finding itself running away from a fully aquatic hippo like Anchiceratops!


Albertonykus said...

That's awesome!

traumador said...


I'm hoping this will be the flagship of my re entry into palaeo-art (after my oh so long absence :P)

I'd like to say this is my take on an All Yesterday's approach. However it isn't really. So far my main experience with that "movement" outside of the book is to just make stuff up and claim it is scientific because "we just don't know"...

While I'm not saying we know this about Anchiceratops for sure, their fossils are always found in extremely wet environments, and they share some similarities in anatomy with hippos. That said more research needs to be done.

I just found the image of a hippoceratops too tempting after reading the paper on Anchiceratops in the Horned Dinosaur volume.