Apr 19, 2013

Boldly "Doodling"

For everyone who doesn't have or keep up with my recent (mis)adventures on other social media sites, the month of April has completely BLEEPing sucked! My wife in particular has been taking a beating from random events of life.

The topper of it all was this week our landlord gave us a month's notice to get out (his son just got married and wants our place now)... I won't go into the whole tale, but basically it was a clumsy attempt to bully us into his way crappier secondary rental property. Thing is this is Hong Kong, you can't play that kind of real estate hardball, and expect to win. So in good news we found a new place last night in the same building (and on the 55th floor, with a view of the park!).

The downside is it has really thrown off my artistic projects. I put the hippoceratops on the backburner for the moment (they aren't paying). I'm trying to hammer my Enterprise commission into completion. She's almost there.

This week though all I managed was this doodle version of the Enterprise. It's not up to the standards of use in an episode, but I think for a 3 hourish effort she looks pretty darned good. I'm sure if I put the time into it I could get it up to snuff.

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