Jan 20, 2012


So if push came to shove I could submit my current feathered Dinosaur piece to the ART Evolved gallery as it stands right now. However it is not quite finished to my satisfaction.

One thing pointed out by David and Matt is that my camouflaged Gorgosaurus are so well camouflaged they pseudo blend into the background.

I have tried a few things to fix this. Sadly to no avail.

The first was trying different depths of view. Sadly this hasn't worked out well due to the controls on Carrara's tool for this and the scale I built this scene at (which is more my fault than Carrara. I need to remember to build things on a real world scale so they match normally).

Here the camera is focused on the Troodon.

Here it is focused on the Albertosaur.

Yet this still doesn't really help truly pop the Gorgosaur out at all.

My other solution has been a light blue mist. This has helped, but only with the tree line and not the shrubs at mid level in the picture.

So probably tinker more in this department.

Next I wish to populate this pic with some more smaller feathered theropods. Probably another Troodon or two, and some others...

Stand by.

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Sean Craven said...

Is there any way you can adjust the tone on the distant background? If you move the overall color toward a middle purple-gray -- which is what atmospheric perspective does over distance, so it'll look fine -- you can make the Albertosaur seem warmer, almost more yellow, and he'll pop.

If I were doing this in Photoshop, I'd put in a color adjustment layer and then fiddle with its opacity percentage until things looked right.