Jun 23, 2009

ART Evolved Pterosaur Done(?)

Worked some more on the Pterosaur last night.

Looking at it from different angles I was unsure of the dark fur colour, I'd chosen. So I lightened that down a bit. Not sure if I like it or not.

I also added the teeth, eyes, and nostrils. The head is looking a bit too much like a video game to me, but to be honest Pterosaurs don't really inspire me all that much. So I might leave it.
This was modelled after Eudimorphodon, so I guess that's what I'm going to call it. I WAS aiming for a primitive early Jurassic pterosaur, but I couldn't find any good skull references for one. I didn't realize just how early Eudimorphodon was until I looked it up last night. Oops. So I'll have to modify it the model before it appears in Traumador's life... For which I have plenty of time!


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I think I prefered the sligthly darker one.

Albertonykus said...

This guy is going to appear in Traumador's life? That's great.