Jun 9, 2012

Pop Culture Playtime

I need to remind myself to have fun "doodling" in 3D more often. With my teaching schedule and a relative reduction in available art time I've developed a go big or go home attitude towards projects I tackle. So while this led me to a rather productive streak for the Dan Varner gallery, it has also led me to a slight case of burn out...

I do say slight, as I actual made serious headway on my big palaeo-project, but I'm not at liberty to discuss it. While I wait on feedback on it (which will probably be really delayed due to fieldwork... which I'm more than okay with at moment), I find I can't get into anything else... Which is perhaps a good reason we decided on a more fluffy easy paced gallery topic for the summer. A second pop culture themed gallery.

I've forgotten how fun it is just to brainlessly create stuff in 3D. That's how I started with Raydream/Carrara 15 years ago. It was a more adult version of lego basically. I don't ever have a direct idea when I build lego, so it is fun to apply this same creativity to Carrara (where I don't have to hunt for pieces, and am not limited by a finite collection of blocks).

I'm torn between palaeo themed superheroes or Space Opera. I have made a start on this tech thing that will work in either. I'll leave you to guess what this is the start of (this is only the body so far).

So here is to some fun 3D play tinkering.

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