Mar 5, 2012

My best hope of publication?

I returned to work little too soon after a cold or flu last week (I hate taking sick days... a bad hold over from my subbing career), and have now found myself without my voice this weekend. I'm not sure I've given it sufficient time off as its, but I'm back to teaching today (using my extremely loud lifeguard whistle as a noisy classroom deterent!).
The one spot of good news is I had a good excuse to sit down and give some of my art some TLC. Given that Dr. Fordyce just described a new penguin this week, I was hoping to give him some new artwork on the Squalodon to maybe encourage his next research project (no I don't actually think my art is anywhere near the quality or importance to dictate the good doctor's efforts :P Though should he decide to tackle the Shark Toothed Dolphin I do want to have something legit to bring to the table).

This was an accident I got while randomly spinning the camera around in my new underwater lighting rig. It looked to awesome not to formally render... Yet it surprises me to say the fully lit "normal" angle version is better than this, and may well be my best render ever. You'll have wait a day or two while I iron out the Squalies prey before posting it.

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BlacknickSculpture said...

That looks sharp Craig! I can't wait to see the fleshed out version!