Nov 27, 2011

Need some focus

At moment I find myself in something of a tailspin creatively.

To help me better focus I'm opening up the floor to outside suggestions. I'm feeling a book or similar project might help me. I seem to thrive better when I have an end product to strive for (in the past Traum or AE galleries have done me wonders).

I could:

1. Work on creating a kid's book format for Traumador. I have a few ideas. My most favourite is working Traum and cast into something of a fossil CSI spoof where he must travel through time to solve weird fossil site mysteries.

2. Work on a series of short articles or possible short book about New Zealand palaeo. Their literacy program requires many new books and articles each year. While it will never be a best seller it'll be good practise for me, and I'll talking about something I know and love quite well. With a possible side benefit of inspiring the next possible wave of kiwi palaentologists!

3. I have an idea for a book/story set in Cretaceous Dinosaur Park Alberta. This one's my most ambitious. While it could be years off, I'll definitely have some goals and hurdles to over come to complete it.

4. I can just tinker and bounce around like I am now on misc portfolio pieces and ART Evolved galleries as they come up. I'm not sure this is the best for me, but people with more experience on trying things like books might have cautions for me...

I put up a poll on the right sidebar for quick input. Though I'd certainly welcome more detailed feedback in the comment section.


More Hong Kong craziness this week. Promise!

1 comment:

Albertonykus said...

I voted for Traumador, naturally. I like the sound of that adventure as well. And, you know, if Traum can't (currently) blog at least he can still live on in book form (which also tends to be more permanent in the long run).

The New Zealand book also sounds like a good idea though, speaking from a non-Traum-centric angle.

Wouldn't suggest actually doing the most ambitious one quite yet, but who am I to say that...