Jul 4, 2010

Virtual Delay

As has been the story of my 2010, life is overwhelming me a bit.

This time it is the move that me and Lady R had not planned on. We're pretty much in the new place, but EVERYTHING is in boxes. So my single day off will be probably spent putting the place together.

Helping keep me on task, but not relaxing much, will be the lack of internet we currently suffer. We are booked to get the net hooked up on Tuesday, but until than all my online outposts will be silent.

So catch you yet again on the flip side... Boo! I think all this flipping is making me dizzy!


BlacknickSculpture said...

Good luck with getting your new digs squared away. I feel your pain! We moved 2 1/2 years ago and I still haven't found all my stuff ;)

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Thanks Brian,

In good news we don't have tons to move. We're seasoned world travellers, which lends to nice nomadic sized piles of stuff...

It is still a pain. More in that we had to buy a LOT of new stuff...

Also even just the pain of being without the net and phone like we were this week... It is scary how much email builds up in just a few days!!!