Apr 6, 2008

Play Time

Things are starting to fall into place for my completing my Education degree, and as of such I've taken the weekend off before one last bought of paperwork and admin stuff this week. Followed by the oh so fun prospect of finding a place in the real world. I will be doing formal post on my graduating, but as it's not quite formalized I don't wish to jinx it just yet.

Instead I'll just plug the Prehistoric Insanity Blog which is covering one of the products of my break time. Haven't had quality 3D time in a while so I conjured this up.

You can get the whole behind the scenes and blow by blow of how I made this little pic by clicking this link.
Additionally me and Scott are starting work on a new book today, and having been getting amazingly positive feedback from people we've shown the first one too. We're planning on hammering out 3 and presenting them as a package for publishing.

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