Oct 18, 2009

Live Blogging 8

I have completed texturing the body!
First I had to fix the strips that were on the neck, and make those towards the body end longer.
The body's strips were proving problematic at first, but some quick references to the sector grid fixed.

Leading to this guy here! (Hopefully you can click to enlargen him)
Sadly I have to put a pause in my live blogging. I have a staff BBQ to goto for my holiday job of two weeks ago, and then me and Lady R will hit the grocery store on the way back home.
So live blogging will resume in two hours from this post...

1 comment:

Albertonykus said...

Nice stuff; this whole live blogging concept seems quite ingenious. I can't really keep up (wrong time zone), but maybe I'll check back when I wake in the morning.