Oct 18, 2009

Live Blogging 1

Here we go. Been working at it an hour, and frankly I can't tell you how it has gone.

It helps I'm on the line with Bond, but it also distracts.

Anyways here is how it has panned out...

First I set up my Brachiosaurus for shading.

This requires the application of this shader here, my new sector checker (idea curiosity of David)

Through the use of layers and transparencies over top of it, in Paintshop, I will create the ENTIRE colour scheme for this guy today.

The biggest challenge is going to be the different in the diameter of the neck and the body.

Already I'm finding there is a really annoying stretching/blurring of my scales on the neck.

Not sure if you can see it at this size, but trust me, it is there!

Rather then worry about it (as I'm going to have to) I decided to get the overall scale scheme sorted before trouble shooting.
So here is where I'm at. By the end of the second hour I aim to have scales on the tail too...

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