Oct 18, 2009

Live Blogging 2

Second hour complete.

Still on the line with Peter, and we're helping each other not freak out at our art. In Peter's case it is continually forgetting to put the baby Barosaurus in his piece... Peter remember the baby already!

My problem has been a little more insidious...

In black and white you can see the issue quite sharply. The boundaries of my different scale sections. As I can't paint the scales on the model directly (I need to update software in the future) I've been using the grid to line up the worst of the stretch and distorted sections.

I'm pleased with where the tail meets the body. You can barely see it, even in black and white.

I tried a colour background to see how the scale issue would react.

Sadly the neck to body was still VERY pronounced.

The tail oddly enough was more visible here then in black and white (normally it is the other way around).

Playing with the skeleton and posing the model, I discovered what is causing my blurring effect on the bottom of the neck as well. Not sure I can fix it, but will see in the next hour.

I changed the neck to body connection point of the scales. Though it is still visible, it is not as much so, and I think I can live with this.

Again as you can (not hopefully :P) see it much less pronounced then in the previous version above were I had the different scale sizes meet.

This hour I intend on trying to fix the blur on the neck, and the blurring on the end of the tail.

From there I will start scaling on the other body parts...

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Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Oh Peter, how can you leave that poor little baby far away??? LOL just kidding!

Yes, I do see that neck-body connection less pronounced so far...