Oct 18, 2009

Live Blogging 11

This was the last hour I can afford to stay up to (11pm). Not that it is an issue!

I managed to achieve the main goal for today! My Brachiosaurus is overall done being textured. If worse came to worse, I could pose this current version into a descent final piece. Though it will get another couple hours of remodelling.

Even more significant has been several break throughs in my shading technique. This Sauropod dawns in yet another generation in my modelling lineage. 2009 is proving to be by far my most productive year in my 3D art. I'll do a proper post soon summarizing what the different between today's experiment and my typical shading was.
Here is the final beast in his fully coloured glory! (and for whatever reason this pic is enlargenable by clicking on it, so please do!... why the *BEEP* only some work and some don't on this thing is beyond me, but I'm getting sick of it!(

Finally the big guy posed. He is a much more vertical stance than I'm thinking of going, but this was at Peter's request. As he stayed up an extra 40 minutes to keep me virtual company (via skype) who was I too deny his request!

So yet another triumph of Live Blogging! A event I'm intending on participating in every ART Evolved gallery from here on in...


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

hell yeah! the result is awesome! My fave one is the second.

The first one is realy cool but that tree between his tail and legs still looks sort of weird when you see the hires version, in the low-res version you may not notice that.

Glendon Mellow said...

Looks great Craig!

I think the enlarging depends on the overall size of the original file. If you saved the second one at that actual size, it has nowhere big to go.

I could be wrong.

I like the tall pose too. It appears to be checking for danger.

Albertonykus said...

Excellent work! Well done.

Peter Bond said...

Yes! Well done with your first liveblogging session. It's kinda fun, isn't it? Look forward to seeing where you go with him - more wrinkles, posed, integrated into the foliage... Either way, nice job!

Raptor Lewis said...

I will say the expected, lol! It looks Great, Craig!

I'll also echo Dinorider and say the second one is also my personal favorite. :)

Rachael said...

So believable. Very moody piece. Love it. I'm a bit fustrated though at not being able to look more closely at the detail. The scene is twilighty which is great and gives it that brooding feeling of something about to happen - but makes it harder to see when you can't zoom in.