Oct 18, 2009

Live Blogging 10

Huge break throughs this hour!

As this was an entire day of pushing myself to the limit of what I know about UV texture mapping and Paintshop, I have been rewarded with the next generation of my 3D shading (the first jump in almost 2 years!).
By taking advantage of separate layers, I am now able to easy modify one aspect of a shader without worrying about it effecting the parts I got right the first time...

I've completed the whole head region.

I have proxy finished the legs. However as there are a few strips from the body that do not quite match up, the last hour will be tweaking these small discrepancies.

As of such I'm sector checking them, and with this layer system I should be able to just cut and paste the strips from the body directly onto the legs!

Next post a completed Sauropod (or a pretty darn close do done one anyway...)

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