Oct 28, 2006


So as I'm sure you've noticed my attitude and tolerance for my job at Timmies has steadily been declining throughout these posts. Well as of today I'm officially done with them... Not just in a casual manner either

Today I just got my second paycheck. I discovered they unilaterally reduced my pay by $1/hr for the whole two weeks due to a single uniform infraction. Not just that it was due to being "unshaven" cause I'm known to walk around with a ton of %#$ing facial hair...

So due to this removal of $105 (I also worked a bunch of overtime, making it that much more infuriating) I'm done at Tim &%$ing Hortons as of this week. I am now on the hunt for any job. I'll even work at Earl's if it comes to that!

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christa said...

Good luck on your hunt. I hope you find something better suited to your talents and personality