Oct 11, 2006

New Zealand Falling Into Place

So this weekend I attended a meeting with my New Zealand agent and a professor from the skool.

Alot of stuff was resolved, and the final steps toward my making it over there were hammered out.

First of those is where I'm going to be living. I applied to a student residence called Salmond Hall right after the meeting. There was a risk of it being full for the 2007 skool year already. Fortunetly they had 3 rooms left! Phew

My loans also look like their good to go. So all that remains is getting the info from the College on where and how to pay tuition, then my student visa, and flight.

1 comment:

Peter Bond said...

Dude! Cool that everything is moving well towards NZ, and that you finally have a real blog too!
Also it is spelled: "sChool"