Oct 24, 2006

Delta Patrol: Wyvern Ready for Animation

Tonight was my first weekend I've actually spent not doing homework. An odd thing for me to be sure. Typically in the poli sci era it'd be very unusual for me to be doing my homework at all!

So first thing on the agenda (well probably isn't... just what I ended up doing) was Delta Patrol. Got a new version of the beginning done, and I think this is it's final layout. As of such I figured time to get some effects ready. As of such I was going to need some 3D models to do so...

As our heroes ship the Wyvern was not done, but very critical first thing was first. I'm happy with their final version. Probably even more happy with my new laser effect...

So check them out. Be sure to click on any you like to enlarge them

These were modeled to resemble Star Trek type ships like Bajor Interceptors, and of course my fav Romulan Warbirds

Might have a little trouble incorporating this nebula into actual animation. The 3D models I use to generate them add up to 4 times the render time...

Was very very happy
with this new model for
a laser projectile!

First example of the whole patrol together.
You'll notice that each ship has it's own color.
Allowing for easy identification of whose ship
is whose...

Now the Patrols returns to homebase in Delta System itself
Symbolic I guess. As now I need to return to the whole project
from this one specific task.

Next on the list have to design the villians ships, and finish Delta station itself.

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