Oct 29, 2006

Life According to Mal: Payment

Here is a new segment on my blog I recon I might do when the spell comes over me. Life wisedom put forward by my hero Malcom Reynolds from the greatest TV show and Movie Firefly/Serenity.

Based on the current events of my life (see previous post RAGE!!!) my getting shafted out of money by Tim Hortons has reminded me of this awesome moment from the pilot episode of Firefly Serenity in which our dear captain Reynolds faces a slightly different (and sadly more cool), but yet thematically identical situation to mine. His response to a local Moon aristocrat who tries to kill him rather then pay him; shot her hired help, nearly crush her with a horse, and walk up to her gun in her face

"I do the job, and I get paid!"
Excellent words to live by. Now in my case I'm doing the best I can. Sadly I'm not in a position where I can put a gun in the Timmies supervisors faces and demand the coin they basically stole from me (today I asked the head manager if my facial hair, which is the same as it is on any day, was "unshaven" to which she replied no. So I am safe in saying it's a clever corporate means of paying me less while they can claim the moral high ground...). I can however live by yet another of Mal's great statements from the movie Serenity.
"I mean to confound these bongers..."

This I can and did do. Power to the prolitariate! I may not have the means to get back the money, but I do control the means of production (and being the bleeding heart pinko I am, I'll use that to the max!). The manager wasn't to happy when I handed in my letter of resignation this morning. Seems they might have some trouble finding a replacment for two weeks. I even gave them a more flexible and reasonable out then Mal's solution. Rather then crush her with a horse I offered the manager that I'd be willing to reconsider if I got my money, and had this incident count as a warning (without any more even). She refused. So I'm off to Miranda... or uh rather a new job.

That's Payment according to Mal. The side moral being don't mess with

Craig Dylke Browncoat

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Peter Bond said...

Well that's just shiny, cap'n. Time tosaddle up an' hitch your horse on some new planet.
You stayin' for the full two weeks?