Oct 22, 2006

Blown Out of Proportion!

Man it's getting harder and harder to go back to Timmies everyday, and you'd think with me getting better at it all the time that wouldn't be the case. At least I'm 1/4 done!!!

So starting work tonight I get pulled aside by the evening supervisor, and she was friendly about it. Immediately putting me on alert... Normally the supervisors are jerks!

She wants to talk to me about my incident three nights ago. Which there was one, but I didn't think it was that big a deal... She starts off by saying how I was very brave, and that I dealt with it fine. Uh okay sure... Suddenly she asks why I didn't call 9-1-1... ?????

Okay so picture Wednesday night, a fairly busy one though. Lots of cars coming in, and ordering sandwiches and food (this takes a lot longer to make then a coffee of course). Our front end is closed by this time but people are still there finishing their orders from before closure. At some point they snuck out in the middle of our sandwich blitz, and thus prevented our locking the door after them.

Well this middle age East Indian guy comes into the store, and comes up to the front counter... Me and my coworker are WAY to busy to even pretend to deal with this guy... Suddenly he rudely yells at me "Hey I'm waiting for some service!". I tell him the situation. He'll have to come through the drive through as we're closed. "NO I'm not leaving this spot till I get service!". Okay i think to myself, have fun then. So for 10 minutes I completely ignore this guy, frantically keeping up with sandwich orders.

Trouble starts when my coworker Ren, who is just too nice for his own good tries to tell this guy the same thing. Suddenly out of no where he goes off the handle, swearing, pounding the counter, yelling... All at my coworker, who was only being stupid nice, and defiantely wasn't the one brushing this guy off.

At this I got pissed. Had it been me sure, but Ren didn't do anything to this ass. I intervened and basically told this guy to get out of the store as we're closed to him. It was statisfying see him quite literally have a temper tantrum out of the store. Slamming the door oh so scarily...

So at worst I figured we'd get a complaint. He threatened to phone my manager about my refusing to serve him at that time. Oh no. I didn't serve him after closing hours. I'm going to get fired.

Well suddenly here's my supervisor talking to me about it... Call 9-1-1 though. He was a dick, but not dangerous.

She tells me of how Alan, a british tourist who is ALWAYS in the store till like 2am just reading, relayed to her the following story. The same build up to his getting angry and screamy. Suddenly in this version he picks up some of our merchandise and throws at us behind the counter, and on his way out throws a chair at a window...

Man I am brave. Got to remember next time not to play the lone hero, and call the police... you know for backup at least.

Thought that might amuse you. It sure made me laugh. We on the graveyard shift in spirit of this new elaborate tale (not sure why my brit friend built it up that much... he was right there for a bunch of it) invented a few of our own. My favirite is the one where the dude has a bomb strapped to his chest, and I not only have to tell him we're closed, but pin him down and defuse the bomb while he's trying to blow us all up till he gets service!

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