Oct 11, 2006

New Job

So here I am 3 months before the trip to New Zealand, and no job. Which is of course kinda bad as my tuition and living expenses will be about $20 000.

After taking a vaccation for the first two weeks of September and the remainder of that month searching for a job I finally got one at Tim Hortons.

So after vowing never to work in the food service industry I'm back so soon LOL

Working the graveyard shift. It of course isn't an ideal shift, but at +$2 an hour, and the fact it gives me several hours of no one else in their right mind being awake I should be able to get my homework for New Zealand done (I'm currently in 2 required prereq courses).

Thus far work is "tolerable". Not my ideal setting of course, but it could be worse. It is definenitly better then Earl's in any case. Weird stress levels. Shift starts insane right away then it dies for the middle and for the last 2 hours it is hell... weird.

However the good news I'm 1/12 done my tour as of this post. As I'm only working here till the end of Decemeber week one of October is done! Only 11 more to go...

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