Feb 22, 2010

Live Blogging Begins Now!

Well it was a lot later then we'd wanted to do it, but me and Peter have finally got some time today to live blog.

Who knew that the Olympics would be so time consuming :P It also hasn't helped that Peter is currently teaching full time AND doing lots tutoring on the side.

So once Peter gets back from his tutoring of the day (he does it every single day of the week, what a trooper!) we'll be entering the first ever ART Evolved tandem live blog!

So every hour we'll be posting updates on our (and possibly the other guy's) work. These will begin in just over an hour.

Here is where my Therizinosaur currently stands. This is about 3 hours work so far.

As something of a point of interest from a few people (including) myself, I've been documenting the construction of this critter carefully. Every individual model tweak has been included, whether it was a good tweak or a mis-step. Here is where it is at moment. You'll have to wait till the project is finished before another animation (they are too time consuming for updates during live blogging).

Catch you during the live blog.

1 comment:

Albertonykus said...

Finally, we get to see your duo live blog! I can't wait for your updates!