Feb 22, 2010

Live Blogging 1

Okay its officially on. Peter got home a little while ago, and so we can settle into art creation.

So here's where I'm at. Yeah not a ton of progress since an hour and half ago. Had to escort Lady R on a quick grocery outing, and the Curling is on.

We've discovered this Olympics, compared to anyone else we know, I am a rabid Curling fan. SO much so I get extremely stressed and distracted. Especially during stones 4-8 (or for you none curlers the last shots of a round).
Currently here at the end of the 5th End, Canada is at 3 and Switzerland 1. However it is not clinched for Canada yet...
Peter update: He is currently settling in after work. We've currently both by committee decided he should work on a piece he started last week. If he finishes that today, then he can start on a new second piece he has in mind.
He also is getting distracted a lot... to tell me to chill out about the Curling!
I predict thing will only get more intense for the Hockey game ;)

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