Feb 22, 2010

Live Blogging 3

More Live Blogging for ART Evolved (just realized that I forgot to plug why I'm doing this... oops)

Hour 3 sees Canada winning Curling YEAH! A silver medal in women's speedskating YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! and letting America get a 2-1 lead in Hockey BOO!

This Hockey game is more then a bit stressful. The Canadians gave up the first goal in 40 seconds!?! They've picked up the pace a bit, but the left over Speedskating adreline is not helping me and Bond stay calm watching.

Here is the proof shot me and Peter Bond are indeed working side by side.

Oh yeah and there was this Dinosaur thing I'm working on.

Got an ankle and started on the toes to attach to it.

We've hit the end of the 1st period, so work should hit a stride... for 20 minutes.
Peter update: Can't draw... hockey. He's got most of his Dinosaurs inked.
Another slight pen issue.

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Albertonykus said...

Hey, isn't that page 146-147 of Dr. Holtz's encyclopedia on your desk? XD