Feb 28, 2010

A Joint Project

After an intense month of Olympics (and work for Peter), me and Bond have finally managed to sit down to do one of dozens of potential joint projects.

Today's we've decided to have Bond supervise one of my 3D projects. He often wants me to include many tweaks and details into my models, that while in theory would be awesome, my 3Ding skills and techniques are incapable of. Through this project I'm hoping to educate him on what I can and can not do.

Our subject, the most iconic. Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Say good bye to this version, the Mark 3 edition, of the Rex. We're hoping to get him up to at least a Mark 5. We might even push the boundaries of my work to Mark 6... but one thing at a time.
So prepare for a special edition live blogging event!

We are currently an hour in. Peter is busy working off references and creating his definitive T-Rex from which I shall attempt to work off.

We'll keep you posted how this goes throughout the afternoon.

I in the meantime am unbelievably in suspense over the Gold Medal Men's Curling match. It is Canada vs. "The Pants of Doom" Norway (I'll try to find you a picture of these pants... a true example of psychological warfare!).
So far Canada is winning 5-3 midway through the 9th end (out of 10), but I just can't trust anyone wearing pants like those. This game isn't over yet folks.
Need Canada to win if I'm to calm down...


Albertonykus said...

Interesting project! Let's see where it goes...

Albertonykus said...

Look, it's page 120-121 in Dr. Holtz's book! XD