Feb 22, 2010

Live Blogging 10

We're now working with David Attenbrough's Life in Cold Blood on in the background.

Despite not the most productive day (in the sense of concentration), I'd say my Therizinosaur has turned out rather well.

A thought has just occurred to me here, looking at it now. That it has a very similar colour scheme to my Brachiosaurs. Oh well. It looked good on them, and it looks good here. That and most modern large herbivores are similarly coloured. Why not Dinosaurs too?

I initially played with posing, but this lead to a disaster... Which has not been resolved, and can not be satisfactorily.

I was in such a rush to show Bond how skeletons work in person I forgot to take the precaution of the ubber backup (which is to save a totally different version of the model), and the puter lost my Dino's body model. The rest of it is fine (arms, fingers, head) thankfully, but I've got no recourse but to rebuild or smash kit another of my models.

I'm opting to the smash kit, and Lillian's body has begun being distorted to replace my lost torso (I'm not spending another hour on a fresh rebuild... in good news the Lillian distortion has in 10 minutes produced a very workable replacement. I'll just need to spend a good 15-20ish more minutes on it, but that's better then starting COMPLETELY over).

So these pics you see here are the last glimpse of this version we'll ever get/see... (also making this post pointless... as at the end of the hour I have unprogress to report BEEP)

Peter update: After a bit of experimenting, Bond has come up with a rather cool photoshop method of colouring his drawing. I think the process has only begun, and there is a lot he can pull off with more layers. However the baseline colour results he is achieving already are quite impressive, and among the best in his already great body of work!

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