Nov 28, 2009

Way TOO much on the go!!!

Man what a week...

This was officially the busiest week I've had in months!!! Between work (2 days at regular and two late days at the daycare), trying to get rid of the old car, arrange the borrowed car, taking the last of Germ-man Traum photos, a farewell dinner for said German as he and his wife leave for good in 3 days *tear*, and finally a pretty full on migraine my week has completely disappeared!

There was next to no time for blogging, 3Ding, or anything else overly productive (other then principle Traum photography... which I guess is a big deal. I just haven't been doing a lot of them this year, and so they feel out of place).

Last weekend during my Peter phone call, I did get to starting the prey for my Mosasaur. This Kiwi fossil here, the Aristonectidae Kaiwhekea. It is a fairly specialized and unique form of Plesiosaur. I'll be going into my detail on this once I get to the serious work on the model.

Here's where I have gotten too. The big "breakthrough" (more like smart use of a simple process... 90% of art is use of common sense I'm finding) is the display of my references in 3D space. It is simplistic, it isn't really interact able, but it is handy when tweaking proportions and limb placements to have my references floating there.
I will do a proper post on how to do this later. Hopefully this weekend I can reclaim some of my time... but I have to start packing soon, and have a farewell a week till we depart (resulting in our own big farewell) so I'm not expecting any earth shattering artistic developments.


Raptor Lewis said...

I know what you mean, man! That's how busy I've been! You might as well call in sick and then, work on your Art, Blog, and the Tyrannosaur Chronicles. I mean, shoot! Life's too hectic, and it's brought on by society. I wish I could call in sick sometimes.

Glendon Mellow said...

I like that last image just as it is! The nuts and bolts of the final. It's a great piece on its own.

Albertonykus said...

I'll echo Raptor Lewis; society can really let you down at times.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

well, such is life!

what do you use for your migraine? just curious