Dec 4, 2009

In the pages of the Prehistoric Times?

I'm getting to one of my New Year's goals early this year. That goal is to get my art published at least twice in 2010 (doubling my single publication of this year).
The application deadline for Palaeo-art submissions in the Prehistoric Times magazine is coming up next week. They are looking for pieces with an Anomalocaridid and a Stegosaurus. I've got plenty of Anomalocaridids to send, but the Stegosaur was a problem up until today...

Fortunately I was not completely caught with my pants down. I had my old Mark: 2 Stegosaur model built at about this time last year... A few changes and improvements to the shaders and the addition of a skeletal rig (making it a Mark: 5 if you were wondering). This is what I came up with.

It's not too bad considering the limitations of the current rigging (rigging plates is coming close to feathers on my scale 'O hate). If anyone can see anything that needs improvements, you can stuff it! :P No, I'm kidding. Please send you suggestions to me the usual ways.

Combined with this piece, which I am fairly confident is a very strong contender for publication, I should hopefully have a magazine to pick up... with my art in it SOON!


Albertonykus said...

The Stegosaurus is great! I'd be surprised if it didn't get published!

Raptor Lewis said...

Echoing Albertonykus, I will say that you can go with either your Best Anomalocarid or Stegosaurus as they both look terrific! :)

Although....the Stegosaurus is the way to go for a GREAT impression in my opinion, but I reccomend sending them to experts first before submission just in case.....

Nima said...
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Nima said...

Send them both, Craig!

Just curious, have you been published in PT before? I shamelessly admit it feels great, getting that glossy magazine with your art in it alongside Greg Paul's or Alain Beneteau's. I don't know how many ArtEvolved members have done it, but I know Angie's been published at least twice, back in the Styracosaurus issue and the Crylophosaurus issue.

PT will publish multiple images as long as there's room and you get them in early enough. I got two brachiosaur pieces and a written article published in this last one, but I don't know if I even have time to do a stegosaur so quick... but I could always send in my cheapie 1-day anomalocaris/sanctacaris piece if time runs out.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Was that "Anomalocarids Mating Season"?
It's cool to see so many of them together!

And, oh yes, send that Stegosaurus!!

Anonymous said...