Dec 12, 2009

Last art post for a while

We're very close to T-Minus 1 week from the leaving New Zealand forever!

As of such things start happening here quick, fast, and hard... To quote my favourite teenage space opera (which one is it, you geeks out there?)

Meaning there won't be much time for either making my art and/or posting about it. The goal after this post is that I get my 4-5 pieces done for ART Evolved (a series set in the same time and place... one of the advantages of using CG), so I don't have to worry about working on them immediately after heading over to Australia.

Here is your slight sneak peak of what they're going to be...

I got Kaiwhekea skeletoned, rigged, and roaring to go.

My next big obstacle is creating some prey for him.

There is a chance Dr. Fordyce will be interested in using this fellow now that I've got it. So that could be exciting.

The biggest news of all is that my Squalodon passed its final inspection by the good doctor, and has only a few very minor tweaks. Essentially I got a 90% (with the chin area being the only absolutely major concern). More on this story coming to ART Evolved in my Flukes series.
He'll be making an appearance in Jan along with the Kaiwhekea (among other critters!) at ART Evolved. Hopefully in even more public venues later in 2010!
As I've been taking a lot of Traum related photos for his own big finale with NZ, I was inspired to start work on somethings for his future here too...
Thought you'd seen the end of his interactions with Mythology and Maori Legends... Think again!
This is the start of one of several new Mythological inspired denizens to be appearing on the Chronicles next year...
Note it is too scale!
I'm also trying to make sure I keep Traum's current adventure going and conclude able by Feb... as there is a HUGE surprise in store for you all then!

The next two Dinosaurs are presents as it were for two old and dear friends of mine, who were gracious enough to put up with my insanity and appear in Traum in the next few posts.

Why and how they are presents will make sense with the post themselves.

The question I have for you all, can anyone successful guess what types of Dinosaurs these two are? I'll give you one key clue, they are both native to Alberta...


Raptor Lewis said...

I can definitely empathize with the time constraints. So, Good Luck!

More Maori?! I'm guessing the fourth creature, resembling a Dinosaur Version of Whiro, has something to do with the crate?! Oh boy! Holy Cretaceous!!! Traumador is in serious Danger!!! As if the Pack alone wasn't Dangerous enough, but now we got Maori to worry about?! Again, HOLY CRETACEOUS!!!

Albertonykus said...

I'm guessing the two new dinosaurs are Corythosaurus and Thescelosaurus? If not Thescelosaurus, then Parksosaurus.

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Raptor- Well to start with the Maori creature is not Whiro, but it does look similiar doesn't it.

As for the contents of the crate you'll have to wait and see. I think everyone will be blown away by is inside it...

Though Traum's life is about to get a lot more dangerous... that is for certain!

Albertonykus- Right on the Thescelosaurus (without scale Hypies all look the same). Though if I were to mention the neural spines are too big for Corythosaur would that change your mind (saying it is not a Corythosaur, I'm sure has given away the proper answer ;) )

So once again you're beat me at my little guessing games... I'll have to make them a bit tougher!

Albertonykus said...

Tall neural spines... If not Corythosaurus, then is it Hypacrosaurus?

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

Leaving forever? never say forever because you never know!

Is that space opera Battlestar Galactica?

You have sooooo many cool creatures so far! like your mosa, the brachi and THAT oviraptor! ...