Nov 10, 2009

Monitoring the Mosasaur

Righto, not a lot of time for a coherent or detailed post.
In a nutshell, this Mosasaur by Julius Csotonyi has become my be all and end all inspiration for how I want my Mosasaur to look...

The key to its success is how much he has brought the Monitor Lizard ancestry out in the Mosasaur.
Now without going into too much detail (as I'm compiling an ART Evolved article on my method and process here) here is my effort so far tonight to try and Monitor Lizardify my Tylosaur.

Here is how much I have progressed so far. The top being where I started with the Mark: 2 Mosa, and below is the begin of the Mark: 6 (though it is still a Mark: 2 in its composition... watch for Mark: 6 updates once I dive into this form of modelling)

Just a teaser of my upcoming ART Evolved article on using extant and extinct references... So watch there too.

A shot to give you an idea of how I've changed this guy into a more Komodoish look critter.

Here he is fully lite. Helps to have both lighting forms for contrasts.

Open mouth shot, that hopefully looks as much like a Monitor to you as I believe it does to me.

Though this is still very much a work in progress! If anything it is a work only just beginning!!!