Apr 7, 2010

Rex is back Alright!

Just taking a quick break from pouring over a treasure trove worth of jobs with the City of Calgary... I've kind of given up on teaching this skool year. So I'm regrouping for applying for next year, and trying to peg down a summer job.

The whole process of job hunting has been sapping my will to blog... At least the writing end of it.

My art on the other hand has been benefiting. At least in easy tasks.

One fellow I'd left hanging for a little while has been the Mark 5 Tyrannosaur. I'd left him nearly complete at the end of February here.

He now has all the bells and whistles that Mark 5 construction will allow. Though T-Rex may very well be a likely test subject for Mark 6, when I finally have time to sit down and play with vertex modelling.

To wrap up this incarnation of the T-Rex model (as he'll always be updated as my techniques get better and better) he is the evolution of the current model. I doubt I'll be building another from scratch anytime soon.


Albertonykus said...

Good to see your art improving, even if life hasn't been treating you all that well.

Brian Blacknick said...

The Rex looks sharp! I like the pose and the coloration you've given it. Nice work.

davidmaas said...

Mark6 will be vertex modeling... as in? vertex-by-vertex? Let's do a session!
I've been delving into sculpting. You should play with this:

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Albertonykus- Thanks. Well life hasn't been treating me poorly at the moment. Just not well ;P

Prepare for the joy of paperwork when you grow up...

Brain- Thanks.

I'm going to have to get creative though to figure out how to make individual T-Rexs that all look different shortly. It is funny how hard it is to make differences in non-human beings that we humans will detect.

David- I'd totally be up for a session of vertexing!

What format did you have in mind?

Also can it wait a month... need to sort out my life stuff before I jump into something this brain intensive.