Apr 18, 2010

Reworking all over the place...

One person was wondering why I was suddenly reworking all my old models.

Well there is one main reason. All my old models are now rubbish!

However as a secondary motivation I'm getting ready to push Traumador again (like he was in the old days!)... I pseudo neglected him last year due to ART Evolved, and this year I want to reverse the priority scheme on the two.

As of such I'm putting some major revamp into his site. Many have noticed the new (and improved I hope) sidebar layout... I need to finish this. However Blogger's newly introduced Pages give me and excellent location for some new features I was going to do anyway. Many of the reworked models are for use here (keep in mind this is a special sneak preview I'm giving you, and this area of Traum is still heavily under construction!). If you keep your eyes open there is a few bits of new Traumador content!

Now any of the Dinosaurs I've been putting revamp work into will be making more appearances in Traum (most of them right after I wrap up the Olympics... okay start the damn things! I'd planned on doing them by now... stupid job hunting!).

So today we see an upgrade for...

Dip the Serendipiceratops. This is what her old Mark 2 model looked like.

Say hello to the Mark 5!

As Serendipiceratops is known from only a single Leptoceratops like femur, I modelled her around this with a pinch of Protoceratops to spice things up. The reason for the mix is simply because I like Protos more.

I appear to have misloaded this pic. I assure you, apart from the tail, the model matches the skeleton pretty good.

The lower jaw needed some major work (forgot to upload the pre picture... anyone really fused let me know in the comments, and I'll add it).

Despite Lady R not liking the change (she is rather fond of Dip), I think it brings this model up to among my best (accuracy wise anyways).
So with Dip newly upgraded onto the next in the near future.


Brian Blacknick said...

I can understand your wanting to rework your earlier models. I often feel that way about my work.

I dig the way you laid the skeletal reference over the fleshed out dinosaur. Very cool!

Albertonykus said...

That looks good as usual. Seeing as Serendipaceratops is so little known, I guess you can afford to make some things up. Do take into account that if you're basing things off Protoceratops, there are two skull shapes for it, probably representing males and females. It would be a nice touch!

The character profiles page for Traum is excellent, I may add. It'd be very helpful to new readers in sorting out who's who!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

hmm... I already liked Dip

the new version is cool though

just noticed you're using that "pages" thing, cool! I suppose you won't forget Lance, the blue parasaurolophus and the other guys!