Apr 8, 2010

Unless they've learned how to be upgraded...

A riveting day of calling the Department of Education, and getting an answering machine. Calling again, and again the answering machine. Department, machine... The pattern continues. Yet the news keeps telling me they need teachers around here?!?

So after completing a couple odd jobs for my parents around the house, I decided to attack my Raptor model and bring it up to Mark 5. Which will probably be a reoccurring theme for a while...

Since the Deinonychus will be coming up for the first after Olympics Traumador post I decided to work on it. (My apologies to Traum's readership... this work related crap has me not in the mood to do more than one post every couple of days... I do really want to finish the Olympics sometime soon and get back on track).

This is what the old model looked like. Pretty good in its day, but that is long over.

Here is the beginning of the revamp. The model is finished, but not looking overly raptory due to the rod through body syndrome. I'm attempting this approach so that the model is poseable once rigged. Rigging caused a lot of bad distortion when they were pre-posed.

Simply because all the JP raptor cliches are running through my head a clip of JP fun!


Albertonykus said...

Looks like the Pack still has much more to offer Traum after the Olympics!

I'll be anticipating your improved models.

Albertonykus said...

Also, that was a funny video. Ha!