Apr 15, 2010

Bird or Dinosaur?

Okay once you see my Deinonychus, the answer to that last question will be obvious. However I can dare to dream I might confuse someone right?

So seriously, do these feathers look good or not?

I spent a good deal of time REDOing the whole bloody lot!

Turns out I have to custom replicate both sides of a single object for the objects to look good on both sides (rather then on nice and one bad!).

I've also started to add the ornamental feathers around the trims. There is still some work to be done here. I need to add some way smaller base fluff. However these are the large plums as I see them (unless anyone has reasonable suggestions).

Oh and you might have notice I posed her... leading to the natural question how does it look with all its "gear" on?!?

I had the same wonder too. This is the answer.
Not looking to bad. Not quite what I was aiming for... however I'm starting to like the Wolf-like look. Besides this was a rough and tumble predator in my head.
I may very soon tackle a more proper prehistoric bird. For this I have a totally different game plan for the shading... First thing is first though. Finish this guy (and then my Ichthyosaur, and than the Dinosaur Olympics... what is a guy to do!).


Michael Hoskin said...

So, shag carpet dinosaurs *are* real!

Albertonykus said...

Some (hopfully constructive) criticism: I think its wing and tail feathers still look too plumaceous. They should probably be more like what you have for the legs of your troodonts.

Also, there should be primary feathers, too (feathers attaching to the second finger). But deinonychosaurs (and most basal birds) didn't have tertials (true feathers on the upper arm), so your protofeathers would work on the humerus, but not for the feathers on the ulna (secondaries) or metacarpals (primaries, which your model doesn't have but real eumaniraptors did).

I hope that wasn't too confusing. If it helps, here's a model of Microraptor I found on the Internet: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Eiwce13X738/R9DxDVWo_rI/AAAAAAAAB14/gqlypCwzKfs/s1600-h/Microraptor2.sm.png

Note that the primaries and secondaries are present, and there's a gap between the wings and body due to lack of tertials. (If the humerus was extended further, the gap would be bigger.)

Albertonykus said...

Also: more prehistoric birds? Oh, goody!

Albertonykus said...

Another bit of (constructive?) criticism: The pennaceous feathers of the tail should be restricted to the tip rather than the base, because this is what dromaeosaurid fossils show. (Many birds also have this pattern, but troodonts and Archaeopteryx have them all around the tail.)

Albertonykus said...

One last (I promise!) thing: the hind wings probably pointed out instead of back (http://dinogoss.blogspot.com/2010/02/on-structure-of-hind-wings.html), otherwise the dinosaur wouldn't be able to sit down!

Daniel Jackson said...

When are you ever going to release these 3D models? It's been a while since you first started making them.

Craig Dylke said...

Daniel- Well if you're interested in my models we can possibly work something out. Contact me at fossil3d@gmail.com