Mar 1, 2010

Live Blogging: Okay not so live...

Due to the precious and limited nature of the time we had/have available, I opted to not post anymore on my progress from last night. The sacrifice was worth it I'd venture (especially as not many of you would have been as foolish as us and still awake into the early morning).
Here is where Mr. Rex ended up.
Key improvements include:
  • New and improved leg to hip connection
  • Way better toes
  • Refined claws
  • A total overhaul of the arms/hands
  • Experimental lips (not sure how I like these yet...)
There are a few things that still need work. I have to put all the lip scales back, and maybe a few new little details.
JUST before I went to bed in the wee hours of the night I threw together a quick skeletal rig to test pose him.
I think he is starting to look pretty sweet already. Though I need to fix the foot area of the rig. Still not bad for a 10 minute stab at it.

So I present to you the Bond/Dylke hybrid 3D Tyrannosaur!


Albertonykus said...

Looks really good! The non-pronated hands and improved foot claws really stand out to me. Not sure how keen I am on theropod lips yet, but they look okay.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

hmmm ... I particularly like that last one!