Mar 2, 2010

I used to praise Bruce Timm?

So we were renting some movies to put on in the background of our work.

Among them was one of Bruce Timm's latest direct to DVD movies.

Green Lantern: First Flight.

I haven't been 100% about Bruce Timm's efforts after his ongoing DC animated TV series. So far the only of these movies that I have slightly enjoyed was Justice League New Frontier.

Well I can now safely say Green Lantern is the worst thing (other then maybe Gotham Knights) Timm has done.

There was not a single good moment in this production.

Yeah I agree with that look Hal. It really was puzzling just how bad Green Lantern was.

The movie was one none stop action sequence, but with no framing or intelligence. We had NO idea who any of these characters were (even having read the comics it was pretty lame). There was next to no plot.
The worst part of all, the none stop action consisted of nothing more then someone shooting an energy beam and the other person blocking with their energy device, harmlessly deflecting the attack. Repeat several more times... Until the Green Lanterns needed to win the fight, and suddenly they'd out will through an adversaries defenses.
I'm really starting to wonder if I should seek out Bruce Timm projects anymore?
Wonder Woman was good I'm told. So we'll see if that can redeem things a bit.


Michael Hoskin said...

I'm sorry to hear this; they do say that Wonder Woman is good and it has Simone for pedigree.

For that matter, the new Crisis on Two Earths thing is supposed to be good (it is McDuffie, after all). But I heard from one source that it has a disappointing ending.

I liked New Frontier a lot so Timm hasn't lost me yet.

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Brett said...

I actually liked this one. I'm not a Lantern fan but it gave me what I wanted and some history. The Crisis on 2 Earths was kind of blah. I want a Flash one myself;)