Mar 8, 2010


So the real joke of my 2010 is that 90% of it occurs now!

I had the Olympics which were intense (awesome, but intense). Now I have a billion Palaeo projects, that all are due this week!

First on the block is a Spinosaur for the Prehistoric Times...

This is my start. It is just a lighting and plate test. I'm thinking of having this full grown Spino being challenged by something for its fish. Should it be more Spinosaurs? Or a Carnosaur?

I also have to get my talk (and some palaeo art to spruce it up) done for the weekend... As I present it to the Alberta Palaeontological Symposium on Sat. The guest list includes a certain Currie and Sampson... So there is no pressure or anything!!!

I'll be keeping you posted as these progress.

Oh and some sort of Saurian related winter games... I need to start posting those too!

So yeah. By the end of March I'll just be in a coma to recover from it all.

Wish me luck!


Brian Blacknick said...

Your Spinosaur is looking good! Instead of something challenging the Spinosaur how about the big guy snatching the fish from a smaller spino it runs off? Just my two cents.

Albertonykus said...

Good-looking spinosaurid! Rather than an oft-portrayed carnosaur competitor, how about Bahariasaurus or Stomatosuchus.

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Both you guys- Thanks on the compliments of the overall model. I think I'm happy with him too. Having the visual imagination I do, I'm often not happy with my stuff as it doesn't match my mental picture, if you follow.

Brian- That was my exact idea if it was Spino vs. Spino. I shall tinker with such a composition, and see how it goes

Albertonykus- As much as I'd love to have a croc in the pic, that would require a lot of new (experinmental) modelling as I don't have a croc made. Sadly time is not on my side with this one, and I need to get it done in a day, and soon!

As luck would have it, alongside the Spinosaur I constructed a Carcharodontosaur...

I'm personally leaning towards a Spino vs. Spino, but might play with a Carcha version too.

Albertonykus said...

What of my other suggestion, Bahariasaurus? Out of spino VS spino and spino VS carchar though, I'd probably go with the former, too.