Sep 28, 2009

Making the old new again

One of the first CG projects I ever wanted to tackle was a Finding Nemo like project set in the Burgess Shale (some samples of my 2004 efforts can be seen here). Like so many of my ideas this one fell by the wayside. However Marek over at eTrilobite has had his own idea for a Burgess Shale project, that he has been producing quite successfully for over a year now.
I have not been able to resist the chance at resurrecting my old Burgess Shale ideas, and adapting them for Marek's Walcott's Quarry. This also fits well in with my goal of more collaborative projects with other creators.
The Abyss strip is just the first of a few I'll be doing to help Marek out, while he reintegrates into a busy skool schedule. So please not only check out my contribution to the Walcott "saga", but be sure to catch up on his other 70+ strips while your there!

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Albertonykus said...

I saw that strip, and I loved it!