Sep 10, 2009

Busy Day Indeed

Not to be out done by my cohort and partner in crime Peter Bond, I have thrown this post together to "counter" (really to promote I swear) his most recent post. Why am I feeling insecure? Peter managed to churn out an incredible palaeo-art storm, by painting 5 really cool pieces today.

I can't claim this much productivity. Sadly I'm in the midst of the busiest time of the skool year here in New Zealand (whose skool year is Feb-Dec), and am working next to none stop...

However I was able to catch Peter at the tail end of his epic effort on the phone, and so I feel I'm somehow a part of it (lame rationalization on my part :P). More to the point while talking to him, I engaged in the one form of multi-tasking I can pull off. Talking and 3D modelling. So despite not pulling off 5 awesome pieces, I did make some key progress on a long term project I've had this year.

Though I've hinted at this in a few places, I've decided to make a formal announcment tonight. All this year I've been volunteering off and on at the University of Otago's Geology lab (the only public fossil preparation lab in the whole country!) and with Dr. Ewan Fordyce, New Zealand's "only" vertebrate palaeontologist.

In addition to some field work and fossil preperation he has been kind enough to let me help out with (which I have talked about here before), I've also been working in coordination with him on my biggest Palaeo-Art project to date...

Though it still has a little ways to go, I've been recreating a "shark toothed" dolphin for use by Dr. Fordyce. Tonight while talking to Peter I made two huge break-throughs on the project!

Applying some of the hard earned lessons from rigging my Pterosaur I can now not only pose the animal, but animate it too!!!

I'm not going to elaborate anymore details about the project at moment, as I'm planning a series of posts chronicling this collaboration on ART Evolved soonish. So stay tuned over there.

As you can also see Traumador has got a (few) adventure(s) upcoming with the good doctor, so keep an eye on his site too (when I finally bloody get him out of Canada and back to NZ! Man I'd seriously kill for more time!!!)


davidmaas said...

What software do you use for modeling / visualization? Do you animate them as well?

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

David- I'm an exclusive Carrara (and back in the day Raydream) user. Once upon a time I dabbled with 3D Studio Max, but as I couldn't afford the software for my own puter (I was using a uni station's copy at an evening course) and I was more familiar and comfortable with Raydream at the time I stuck it out with it.

Funny you should ask about animating my critters. I haven't tried animating one in a long time, but having checked out your site I was inspired to test out my rigging on this guy for a quick animation. It had some promising results. So your interest in "Palaeo-Animation" has now transferred to me...

So watch for some animation from me soon.

I have some test photoage of a Burgess Shale animation project here come to think of it let me know what you think

Raptor Lewis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raptor Lewis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Raptor- I do NOT, on any level, appreciate you speaking on my behalf on own blog!

You are stepping way over the boundaries of cyber edict, and I demand you cease it at once.

I have never once asked for your assistiance in my public relations, and given the trouble you've caused Glendon at The Flying Trilobite ( I most certainly do not WANT you speaking on my behalf!

I'm not sure what you think "virtual friends" means or entitles you too, but as far as I'm concerned it is just a nice way of saying somneone I do not know who likes my blog.

I do not know you, I have never met you, and thus we are not friends. So stop talking like we are thank you very much!

I have no problem with you commenting on the content of my posts, or answering questions other commenters ask OF you. You are not to ever again answer a question that is directed to me personally.

Glendon Mellow said...

Fantastic work on that toothy dolphin, Craig.

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Thanks Glendon.

His teeth are on of the big things I need to fix. I started this model in Jan, back before the huge break throughs in my 3D construction the year has yielded since. So everytime I revisit it I've had to add them after the fact.

Sadly the current means of closing the mouth is on a slightly point of rotation than the one I used originally when setting up the teeth. So right now they actually merge with each other (just not visible in the small scale version), I'll need to go in and fix them so they interlock properly again.

Raptor Lewis said...

Okay, Craig! I'm Sorry! :P Just Trying to Help! I didn't mean to overstep my boundaries. I'm just a fan trying to help and I KNOW we are NOT "Friends." Again, I'm just a big fan! It won't happen again! :P

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

cute dolphin!

an icthyosaur may look good too!