Jan 17, 2007

Salmond Hall

Now that I've "caught" up the blog to my arrival in Dunedin time to start off with where I'm living.

That is of course Salmon Hall. A student residence just slightly North of the University Campus and the Teachers College, the latter being the one I'm attending. It is really quite close to both, but for some reason people are under the impression it is quite a ways away due to the botanical gardens being in between us and campus.

This is a far away view of the Hall (not actually an easy spot to get to)

Close up of the front. I live just to the left of this photo (doesn't make for a great photo as it's behind a tree...)

This is me. Good old number 7 of the senior student wing.

Not to bad a setup. This and the next photo were when I first moved in, and had not personalized the room.

The surface in the left hand corner is actually my desk as opposed to the floor (neat trick of perspective I didn't notice till just now)

Our wing is the only one with personal washrooms, which is so sweet!

A few posters and it's like home.

So that's a glimpse of where I'll be living for the next year, and the homebase for all future adventures. Up next some of my exploration around Dunedin.


0320320 said...
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Kirstin said...

Those posters make your place look strangely like my place...