Jan 9, 2007

I'm Alive

Everyone can relax (or tense up I guess LOL) I have landed on the other side of the world, and am okay.

I think as of today I've finally over come my jetlag. I only needed a little one hour nap in the middle of the afternoon (and I think that was more heat induced then anything) compared to the 3-5 hour ones of the last few days.

Now of course this is my third day in New Zealand, and there are many cool interesting stories, adventures, and photos to relay. However I'm just figuring out how my internet stepup is working at moment, and as of such I'm not prepared for proper posts on my travels. Yet!

Seriously checkin tomorrow for at least one good post. Possibly more then one. I've got enough stuff for like 5-10 LOL.


Dan said...

Good to hear you're alive!
Now with the time change, if you say check in tomorrow, does that mean check in today? Or is it still tomorrow? Or maybe yesterday? Where's a map...

Kirstin said...

New Zealand has the internet?!??!