Jan 20, 2007

Reminders of "Home"

Well it seems the further from home you travel the more you see bits of home. Or at least in this entry (it is actually somewhat different from home here, but a couple reminders of "home" still abound none the less).

One of the first places I had to go for things was a dead reminder of Peter... Not sure why though?

They had a not too bad selection of electronics, and thanks to this place my laptop now gets power.

To add to the feeling of having never left my Drumheller apartment was Kirsten's place. Though she also adds the poster set in my room is creepily like some she had kicking around her place this summer for some reason... Adding yet another Drum feeling to Dunedin.

This one's for Mike! Couldn't help thinking of you walking by this sign. Not the best deal on beer around here, but I like the pub a lot!
Now though this is a bit of a cope out for an update I'm still in the midst of getting the internet hooked up in my room, and thus I'm limited by the photo's I can upload from my memory stick.
Tomorrow (hopefully) a view of the Otago Museum, and possibly some of the other neat sites of the town.


Peter Bond said...

Oh yeah! That's my twin cousin's electric store! Yeah, he's doing pretty good, you know, trying to cash in on the Bond name...
He thought about adding a few more "Bond" signs to the front, but I told him 23 is more than enough!
What a crazy guy! Ha ha ha.

Court said...

No, I am afraid that's not the juggernaut. I am afraid I'm the Juggernaut bitch!!!

Craig things seem like they are going well for you, awesome stuff.