Jan 17, 2007

Dunedin New Hometown

Well here is a overview of my new hometown (though considering the work I took to make this collage it got all pixaliated on me for some reason BOO!). This photo is taken from a hill just above my home. Salmond Hall is just out of sight in the center of this collage below the Castle looking Knox Hall (our rivals about 300 metres up the hill from us). To the right is the university, downtown, and harbour. The left is there to give you an impression of what surrounds my place. This photo only shows about 1/3 the city. This place is among the LARGEST urban land areas in the world, and man is the city spread out!

Boy do they make good use of space though. So much beautiful scenery and cool architecture. This is the aqueduct that runs from a the far end of town, through the uni, literally RIGHT beside my room (it is a soothing sound when sleeping actually), and out to the harbour. This is it as seen from the uni.

This is the botanic gardens beside Salmond. The cool structure there is a green house that contains exotic plants. Such as cactus and a small section of rain forest.

This is the church in the "Octagon" which is downtown. An example of the ubber Victorian architecture around town.

The inside of the old rail station on the other side of the university. Going to take a ride on the train tour into central Otago (the region Dunedin is located in) probably in the next week.

Lastly a sea lion from one of the MANY beaches around here. Once skool clears up this week planning on hitting the beaches to check out the wild life and such in depth.

So that's a quick sneak peek of my new home, and many of things that I've spent the last week checking out. Apart from the Sea Lion beach all these things are within a 25 min walk of my flat.

Sadly though I must cut myself off here as I have to get back to studying for my last prereq exam.


Peter Bond said...

Dunedin sure looks nice! It reminds me quite a bit of North Vancouver - so green and mountainous and oceanic.

I am looking forward to your experiences with the locals - The fur, flipper, and finned variety!

Keep up the postings, and enjoy your new home!

Prehistoric Insanity said...

Yeah it is TOTALLY like North Van... I LOVE it!!! LOL

Go figure!

Have been enjoying home. Though sadly it's been raining the last few days, and we start class on Wednesday (or Tuesday to most of you guys I guess LOL).