Jan 27, 2007

Grand Expedition

So the day before skool started this week (Tuesday for us here in New Zealand, but likely Monday for most of you out there) me, and some of the other Canadians set out on a last day of freedom tour of the region around us.

It was a nice last touch before the grind of classes and homework. Not to mention it was the first day of good weather we'd had in a little while (at least devoid of rain, and actually sunny out... the humidity here is amounting to a roasting Craig most of the time). So we piled into a car, and set out for a tour of Otago (the region is located in)

Here I offer you some of the better sights and events of the first half of the trip.

Our trip was mostly checking out the Southern arm of the Otago Peninsula. If you head up into the hills this is an example of the scenery. Yeah I'd love to go running through the hills too. So when I do I'll keep you in mind.

More of the hills, and also the ocean off in the horizon. Our primary goal, but how you get there is the worthier part.

Here's a pretty good view of the Dunedin/Otagian Bay area. If I end up staying here this would be the area I'd look hardest for a place to live. Just so nice out here.

So our first big stop for the day was Alan's Beach on the South side of the Peninsula.

Again I'll let the picture do the talking. It is worth a 1000 words after all (I'm going to have enough papers to write as is soon. No point wearing myself out LOL)

So like all great expeditions ours was comprised of a grand crew. Headed by the diligent and resourceful Shannon. Her flatmate (in kiwi apartments are flats by the by) was EXTREMELY generous and lent her his car. It was with this that we made our way about for the day. She did an amazing job as pilot driving perfectly along the inverted roads (the biggest culture shock to us Canucks by far are the reversed roads... we sometimes take our own lives into our hands while stepping onto the road).

Rebbecca fellow Salmond Haller partook as well. Both her and Shannon are in the primary education program with me at skool.

Not be left out Joanna from the secondary program was there as well.

We were not the only ones at the beach this day though. A pair of sea lions were dozing on the beach (and apparently when I went to check out the other end of the beach these two woke up and put on a display for Rebecca and Joe). That makes it 4 for 4 on sea lions on Otago beaches I've been too. One also visibly swam by in the water which was cool. Sadly no Great White pounced on it, but one of these days I'll get lucky!

There were lots of birds too. I managed to get up to this Oystercatcher and its chicks pretty close (I posted this pic as it was the best of the lot, but I have some of the cute little fluffy babies too). On a side note I popped into the museum gift shop the other day and picked up a Dunedin Bird guide the other day so that I can now start to identify all the varied kinds of birds I've been seeing around here.
Speaking of Birds the goal of this whole day out was to see some of the most special and rare of birds of Otago. Penguins. However as I have nearly a dozen pics of that part of the day, and I'm needing to run for a bit that'll be my next post. So stay tuned.

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