Oct 3, 2012

Ripping into a new piece

Well given that I got a new Mosasaur done, I needed something for him to do. As I based my Goronyosaur on a Leopard Seal, I took a quick look through photos of my favorite seal type to see if anything leapt out at me. Funny enough this photo popped right out at me. So I've tried to recreate this with a Globidens juvenile as a fill in for the Penguin (based on some of the musings by Darren Naish in this article, where a possible reason of Goronyosaurus' crazy jaws was hunting down the young of other marine reptiles... Globidens being (I believe) found in the same general area and time).

Work in progress
I'm no where near finished (I'm hoping obviously). I definitely need a ton of splash and water commotion to properly convey the motion and power going on here. I also wanted to add some land on the horizon to put this into a clearly coastal setting.

I'm quite happy with the clouds I've put in and light. I think the initial lighting is serviceable for the moment.

Thoughts, input, or comments?

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